IP Address Blocking

IP Address Getting Blocked?

So you’ve changed your ad body and used a new email address. You’ve done EVERYTHIING in your power to ensure your Craigslist ads get posted. And yet…

You’re STILL getting blocked. Guess what? Your IP Address may be the cause. See, your IP Address is your digital footprint. Every time that you visit a website, any website, your IP Address is visible.

So what are the reasons your IP Address may be getting blocked? Here are a few:

  • Someone in your office triggered the blocking – if you’re using a shared Internet connection to post your ads, like at your real estate office where dozens of agents are using the same IP Address, this could be your problem.
  • A mistake by Craigslist – you can try to contact them, but good luck!
  • Previous over-posting by you – which would put you on the IP “Black List” forever.
  • But more importantly, what are the solutions to this problem? The bottom line is that you need to change your IP Address.

Some effective techniques to change your IP Address are:

  • If you are technically savvy, you can try to reset your Internet connection (i.e. router, DSL modem, etc.) or call your Internet provider to see if they will reset your IP Address.
  • Buying a proxy service, although this may backfire, since many are already blocked.
  • Using a dial-up connection when posting your ads, although this is slow – remember the dial-up days?
  • Going to a public Wi-Fi spot and using their network (like a Starbucks Hot Spot)

But the easiest way to take care of this problem is to visit BizBlitz Marketing. They will go through the trouble and headache FOR you, to ensure that your ads aren’t getting blocked due to a bad IP Address (or for any other reason).

Eliminate the Hassle

Whatever your solution, remember that once you trigger a filter on Craigslist, there really is no removing it. You just need to go around it.

P.S. – There are a ton of other issues that could make your ad not perform to its full potential. Biz Blitz Marketing takes care of these issues, seen and unseen, so you don’t have to. Here’s that link again:



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